1. Program Director:
    1. The Program Director will induct Departmental Co-ordinators to look after mentoring activities in the department concerned.
    2. The Program Director shall organise training for newly inducted Mentors.
  2. Program Coordinator:
    1. The Program Director shall supply mentors and junior faculty members with sources of information regarding good mentoring practices.
    2. Program Director shall co-ordinate with Departmental Co-ordinators for periodic assessment and communication.
  3. Departmental Co-ordinator:
    1. Departmental Co-ordinators will induct Teacher Mentor/s for respective departments and facilitate the smooth functioning of the system.
    2. He/She will monitor the progress of the relationship between mentor and mentee. Also will provide feedback to the mentors and mentees.
    3. He/She will be also reporting and record keeping authority for the department.
    4. He/She will meet the mentors of the Departmental once a month to review the progress of the mentoring activity and prepare a summary of the same during the period.
  4. Teacher Mentor:
    1. Teacher mentor will help the mentees to get study material, reference books and most important, will help them build network in the organisation, guide mentees about possible career openings and thrust areas or research for doctorate/post-doctorate study.
    2. He/She will help the students feel comfortable and homely so that they can freely share their issues.
    3. He/She will meet the mentee in groups or in person at least once every fortnight, provide room for openly sharing their problems or issues, and help them solve.
    4. He/She can seek help of higher authorities, if needed, to mitigate the issue, or if the problem exaggerates report to the concerned authorities.
    5. He/She will be putting the discussion with mentee on record and keeping track of mentee’s progress.
    6. Teacher Mentor will meet the Departmental Co-ordinator once a month to report the progress of the mentoring activity in the previous month.
    7. At the end of every term, the mentor shall provide a short written summary of the mentoring activities over the course of the past term and the perceived benefits to the mentee as part of the term review.
    8. At the same time, mentor should collect from the mentee a brief written summary of what he/she has done, what he/she is currently doing, what he/she plans to do and any issues, problems, or challenges being faced during this period in his/her words.