1. Each mentor is allotted with a batch of students, as suggested by the Departmental Coordinator in consultation with Head of the Department.
  2. Mentors should conduct at least four meetings per semester with the mentees.
  3. Mentors should take care of mentee’s batch for academic interests and support them for improvement.
  4. Mentors should encourage students for extracurricular activities within the institute and at University as well as inter-University level.
  5. Mentors should interact with parents only in case of extreme situations.
  6. Mentors should maintain records of all the meetings held with mentees/ parents.
  7. Mentors should update regularly the record in the formats supplied.
  8. Mentors should provide information about possible financial assistance available to mentees.
  9. Every Department has to conduct “Open House” once in an academic year.
  10. The record has to be handed over to the new mentor in case mentors are changed.
  11. Annual report in form of summary has to be prepared by each Mentor and to be submitted to the Departmental Coordinator.