Each student must prepare a self-assessment individually and Professional Development Plan with his or her mentor. When the plan is complete, both the mentor and the student will sign the plan. The plan should be brought to all mentoring meetings and may be adapted to meet the objectives in consultation with mentor.

The purpose of the exercise is:

  • To assess skills, strengths, weaknesses and areas where development is needed.
  • To identify achievable learning goals.

The plan requires following things:

  1. Declaring personal goal

The personal goal should identify the student’s values and vision inclusive of ethical considerations for personal and professional development.

  1. Self-assessment
  2. Conversation Topics

They refer to all type of discussions permitted mutually for the personal and professional betterment of mentee.

Every student is encouraged to periodically review and revise plan with his or her mentor as needed. Periodic reviews allow the pair to note progress as well as to identify goals that need continued attention.