General Section

General Section

Saurashtra University is a body incorporating various statutory authority like Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Board of University Teaching etc. These authorities are in permanent nature, but some members have membership on tenure base. To constitute and make formation of these authorities, General Section was established in the University. The gist of work carried out in the General Section is given below:

  • Election-related work of Senate/Syndicate/Academic Council/Board of Accounts i.e. preparation and publication of Voter lists, Conduct of Election, Declaration of Results etc.
  • Co-ordinating work of Statutes with University section, Government of Gujarat and Office of the Chancellor
  • Preparation and Publication of Annual Reports, General Inward and Outword of Posts Franking and Duplicating Machines work
  • The Work of functioning New Canteen/Old Canteen/Amul Parlour/T-Post/Shop No. 2 & 3 of Seva Sankul
  • Operating of General Telephone/EPABX
  • Retirement function of employees/ Celebration of University Establishment Day/ Organizing adore program in memory of the First Vice-Chancellor Dolarrai Mankad’s Death Anniversary
  • Celebration of Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Anniversary and Vasant Panchami Festivals
  • University Membership work of AIU, Commonwealth, Kutchha Saurashtra Productivity
  • Distribution of Convocation Cards/ Diwali Cards etc.


Application for Online application to include in Voter list has been implemented by the General section towards a further step for Digital India initiative.