The Saurashtra University Act 1965 directs the University to provide instruction, teaching and training in various branches of learning and courses of study and to make provision for research, advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Academics is one of the most important sections and pillars of the University. One of the basic requirements of the higher education is Syllabus along with regulations, ordinances. The Academic Section is working to fulfill the above objective of the University by extending the administrative assistant to Board of Studies, Faculties, and the Academic Council to fulfill the objectives entrusted in the Act.

The Academic Section is constantly working on the upgradation of syllabus of various courses in line with UGC Model Curriculum for the advancement the knowledge of our students. All the upgraded syllabi of the University are available on the website as well as in the section. The students and other stake holders are easily access the syllabi.

To support the campaign of Digital India lunched by the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat, all the agenda and minutes of the meetings of various authorities, i.e. Board of Studies, Faculties and Academic Council, are prepared and sent through e-mail only to all the members. The meetings of the board of studies, faculties and academic council are held regularly for various academic matters. 

The members of authorities of the University were posted / appointed on various national/state level statutory bodies to represent the Saurashtra University i.e. Chancellor-Vice-Chancellor of the University, Member Gujarat Public Service Commission, Member Medical Council of India, Member Dental Council of India, Member Gujarat Secondary Education Board etc.