About SAIF

Department contains various analytical and Sophisticated Laboratory instruments to carry out various high-end research in various fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Formulation and development to analysis of different dosage forms. From an analysis of the drug content of drug to BA/BE studies. From the analysis of manufacturing impurities to degradants. From a simple estimation of markers to high-end ELISA testing.

All the instruments are handled and maintained by dedicated faculty members. SAIF is open to all types of investigators such as industries, students, Ph.D. scholars and faculty members.

Department provides this sophisticated facility to the variety of individual with nominal charges. The main vision of the SAIF is to enhance the research quality and output of departmental and other than department students. Department provides 50% discount to the other than department students and Ph.D. research scholars to uplift the research level of their studies at the international level and put forward India on a global platform.

All the transactions must be made only by cheque or Demand Draft (DD) in favor of “SAIF PHARMA” Payable at Rajkot.

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