SC-ST Cell Section

SC-ST Cell

            University has established Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Cell on 01-03-84 for the welfare of SC/ST Students and Staff. U.G.C. New Delhi is providing 100% Financial Assistance for that. As per U.G.C.'s letter dated 05-05-94 no. F-6-24/82 (SCT). They have extended Financial Assistance till 31-03-97. After that State Government has accepted to provide Financial Assistance vide a letter from Education Department of Gujarat State letter Dated 16-01-96 no. saray1384-915-92-KH.



Effective implementation of policies and programs of the reservation policy in Saurashtra University and Affiliated Colleges at the time of Students admissions, and appointments in Teaching/Non- Teaching Staff. Allotment of Staff quarters, hostel facilities to Students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories.


All the circular and instructions regarding reservation policy send by the UGC, Central/State Government and other Government Agencies are being circulated regularly to all Departments of the University, Affiliated Colleges, PG Institutes and Recognized Institutions.

Information regarding implementation and co-ordination of reservation policy is being sent to UGC, Central/State Government and other Government Agencies time to time.

To solve grievances of Students and Staff of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories.



Scheduled Castes                                                  07%

Scheduled Tribes                                                   15%

Social and Educational Backward Classes     27%

Ews                                                                            10%



Reservation is also applicable to all admissions to Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Ph.D., M.phil. Courses of Educational Institutes.


Relaxation & Concession in respect of Educational Qualification / Age / Experiences and Qualifying Marks/Standard etc. will be as per existing Government rules in all cases of admission, recruitments, appointments, promotions and other assignments of entitlements to the members of SC/ST. If there is no such provision of certain percentage criteria for giving admission.


Admission should be given on passing standards to the SC/ST Students.

Separate admission procedure should be followed for SC/ST Students.

If  the SC/ST Students get selected as per the general merit then they will not be considered as SC/ST Category, but they will be selected/ considered as general category.


Rules of Interchangeability among SCs and STs are applicable, whenever, nesessary to fill-up the number of vacant seats. In case of no eligible reserved candidates are available, the vacant seats in the reserved quota should not be filled by any non SC/ST candidates.


Every effort shall be made to re advertise for wider publicity in the leading national news papers if SC/ST candidates not available as per the certain ratio.

To prepare prospective SC/ST Students for entrance procedure, advance special (short term) coaching with assistance from U.G.C. may be introduced.


One member of the entrance procedure committee shall belong to the SC/ST Category.




           SC/ST candidates should be interviewed separately.


         All the SC/ST candidates selected according to their position in the combined general merit list shall not be counted for covering the prescribed percentage of reservation.

          To arrange short term coaching classes to prepare candidates for staff recruitment and competitive exams

          One member of the selection committee should be belonging to the SC/ST category.



  • Admission as per the certain ratio.
  • No rent shall be charged for SC/ST category students.


STAFF HOUSES :-                                   

          Allotment as per the certain ratio.




University has appointed a Liaison Officer, who is from the Deputy Registrar cadre; he is responsible for monitoring, controlling, compilation and implementation of reservation policy.




University has send a proposal to State Government seeking a permission to appoint a representative of SC/ST in University Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Faculties, Boards.



          SC-ST Cell has been solving grievances of students and staff of SCs and STs