MBA Programme (2 Years Full Time - AICTE Approved)

AICTE Approval Letter Copy

AICTE Approval Letter 2019-20

AICTE Approval Letter 2020-21

AICTE Approval Letter 2021-22

AICTE Approval Letter 2022-23

AICTE Approval Letter 2023-24

Eligibility for admission:


Candidate shall have appeared at CMAT examination conducted by NTA and shall have passed the qualifying examination with a minimum 50% (45% for SC/ST/SEBC/EWS).


Centralized admission by Admission Committee for Professional Courses, Ahmedabad (ACPAC)

For MBA admission visit the following website

 MBA Course Structure (Effective from July - 2019)

Semester – I  
NO Course Title  
1 Principles of Management  
2 Quantitative Techniques in Management  
3 Economics & Environment for Business  
4 Management Information Systems  
5 Accounting for Managers  
6 Managerial Communication  
7 Contemporary Issues in Management   
Semester – II
NO Course Title
1 Organizational Behaviour
2 Marketing Management
3 Financial Management
4 Human Resource Management
5 Operations Management
6 Cost and Management Accounting
7 Research Methodology
Semester – III
NO Course Title
1 Strategic Management
2 Entrepreneurship and Ethics
3 Summer training project
4 Elective – Major
5 Elective – Major
6 Elective – Minor
7 Elective – Minor
Note: Student should select any Two groups for dual specialization from the following.
  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resource
  4. Information System
Semester – IV
NO Course Title
1 International Business
2 Legal Aspects of Business
3 Comprehensive Project Study
4 Elective – Major
5 Elective – Major -  Seminar Course
6 Elective - Minor

Optional Groups

(Following Optional Groups will be offered at MBA Programme depending upon the availability of resources and faculty. Every year at the end of second semester the Department of Business Management will announce the groups and the courses open for Semester III & IV for that batch. The student will have to opt for one major group and one minor group out of the group offered as open in the MBA programme of that session)

Marketing Group
Semester – III Consumer Behaviour
Services and Relationship Marketing
Semester – IV   Integrated Marketing Communication
Seminar Course – Retailing Management
Finance Group
Semester – III Mergers & Acquisitions
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Semester – IV   Indian Financial System
Seminar Course – Risk Management
Human Resource Group
Semester – III Strategic Human Resource Management
Human Resource Development
Semester – IV   International Human Resource Management
Seminar Course – Management of Industrial Relations
Information System Group
Semester – III Database Management
Software Project Management
Semester – IV   Strategic Information Technology Management
Seminar Course – Business Intelligence and Analytics


MBA 2019 Syllabus Download


Program Duration: 2 Years