Department of Physics

Department of physics

The Department of Physics, established in 1979, offers the following courses: M.Sc., M.Phil., through 4 and 2 semesters Choice based credit System (CBCS), respectively, and Ph.D. in Physics. Twelve core papers (compulsory courses) and twelve Elective papers (based on four specializations of Electronics, Nuclear Physics, Space Physics and Materials Science) in the M.Sc. Physics course offer good diversity and further professional and research opportunities to students. 

In tune with the advancing frontier research areas of Physics, the Department has been working on various areas in Materials Science Physics like nano-magnetic materials, ferrites, functional magnetic oxides, crystal growth, urinary crystals, nano API, CMR devices, High Tc superconductors and Atmospheric & Space since more than two and a half decades. The Department has about 140 research papers to its credit published in reputed national and international journals in the last five years. It presently has a full-time faculty strength of 8 (5 Professors, 2 Associate Professors and 1 Assistant Professor) and 3 Assistant Professor contractual base highly competent and motivated teachers. 

Since its inception, the Department has trained more than 140 doctoral researchers and undertaken about 75 other Major Research Projects with a total grant of about Rs. 40.00 million, sponsored by national funding agencies. The Department has also been accorded the recognition of a UGC SAP/DRS Department and at present it has been accorded sanction of DRS-Phase-III with total funding of 122 Lakhs. The Department has also received a research grant of more than Rs. 30 million under DST-FIST program: Phase-1 and 2. As recognition of its significant research work, the Govt. of Gujarat has sanctioned the Department an equipment grant of Rs. 12.5 millions in 2008. Its future plans include introduction of Courses in Geophysics, Environmental Physics and Medical Instrumentation.