Department of Nano Science and Advanced Materials

Department of Nanoscience and Advanced Materials

Department of Nanoscience & Advanced Materials is a new department funded by Government of Gujarat to cater to the need of the students of Saurashtra region to learn about Nanoscience & Nanomaterials and to bridge the gap between university and industries of the state. Under this department, B.Sc./M.Sc. (Applied Physics) course with specialization in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology has commenced from June 2016.

Under this department the advanced research in the field of nanomaterials synthesis and applications, nanostructured thin films, multilayers and device applications is being carried out. Major research facilities such as, Pulsed Laser Deposition for thin film and device fabrications, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, PQMS etc. have been established in this department from the funding from Government of Gujarat.

The important mandate of this department is to provide training and undertake research in the frontline areas of nanoscience and advanced materials, nanotechnology with special emphasis on the development of nanostructured devices, oxide nanomaterials for ceramic applications and studies on nanocomposite for technological applications.

Presently, FIVE major research projects in the field of applied physics and nanoscience are in progress. In November 2016, the department has organized first international conference on functional oxides and nanomaterials (ICFONM-2016) under the golden jubilee celebration of Saurashtra University.

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