Department of Chemistry offers 2 years (04 Semesters) Programs of Master of Science (Chemistry) in Grant-in-aid (GIA) and Self- Finance (SF) Admissions by preparation of centralized merit list category wise. Department follows strictly reservation policy as per Govt. Instruction.

Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in (Chemistry) programs are typically two year (04 Semesters) that combine classroom learning with lab. Practice. Many students choose their Specialization branch by his/her own merit. Master degree in chemistry as preparation to pursue a PhD or R.&D chemist, which is widely considered the prerequisite degree to become a professional chemist.

Department of Chemistry offers Master of Science (Chemistry) with CBCS System as per direction of UGC.

Department offers their master student to complete their Masters in four main Branch of Chemistry

•           Organic Chemistry

•           Inorganic Chemistry

•           Physical Chemistry

•           Analytical Chemistry

Time Duration – 04 Semesters



Download M.Sc.(Chemistry) (w.e.f. 2016-17)

Program Duration: 4 Semester