NAAC Reforms Meeting at SU Organized by IQAC

IQAC organised a one day meeting of the teaching and select administrative staff to deliberate upon the fundamental changes envisaged by NAAC according to the Dr. K. Radhakrishnan Report on 16 February 2024. Co-ordinator IQAC, Prof. Sanjay Mukherjee made a brief power point presentation with the highlights of the Report. The information was shared that in the coming days NAAC would adopt a two-stage accreditation system: the Binary Mode wherein the HEI would be shown as either accredited or not accredited; and then, from December 2024, NAAC would initiate the MBGA (Maturity-Based Graded Accreditation). The later would be ascertained through 10 Attributes (which would be a major change from the 7 criterion adopted for assessment and accreditation by NAAC till now). The ten attributes spelt out by NAAC are as follows:

1. Curriculum

2. Faculty Resources

3. Learning & Teaching

4. Research & Innovation

     5. Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities

     6. Community Engagement

     7. Green Initiatives

     8. Governance and Administration

     9. Infrastructure Development

     10.Financial Resources & Management

This assessment through the afore-mentioned attributes would place an HEI in one of the 5 Levels worked out by NAAC wherein levels 1 to 3 would be the HEI’s path of gradual improvement; Level 4 is termed as HEI of National Excellence, and Level 5 as HEI of Global Excellence where the QS standard eligibility would be employed.

It was a first of its kind meeting-cum-presentation among the teaching and administrative members of the University on the relevant topic of NAAC Reforms. The meeting, attended by 63 members generated a lively interaction after the presentation at the end of which Honourable Vice Chancellor Professor Nilambari Dave informed the house on budgetary allocations for this task and motivated all for a concerted effort to take the overall quality of the University higher.          

Published by: IQAC