National Workshop on Research Methodology & Human Rights Education

Generally, the contribution of research is very important in national building. Education and Research are the two important functions of university. As a part of it, in order to develop the concept of research among students, the Human Rights Department organized a National level workshop on the title “Research Methodology & Human Rights Education” for seven days from 3rd February, 2020 to 8th February, 2020 (Short Term Course). The aforesaid workshop was inaugurated at 11:00 a.m. of 3rd February, 2020, Monday by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Shri Dr. Nitinbhai Pethani, Pro-Vice Chancellor Shri Dr. Vijaybhai Deshani, and HOD of Pharmacy Department Shri Dr. Mihir Raval and HOD of Law Department Shri Dr. B.G. Maniar by lighting a lump. The Welcome speech was given by HOD of Human Rights Department Dr. R.M.Dave. Thereafter the students of the Department who have cleared GSET, NET-JRF, and SUCAT were honoured by Vice Chancellor Dr. Nitinbhai Pethani and Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Vijaybhai Desani by honouring a Book. They also encouraged the students by giving a very nice example in accordance to the title of the workshop and acquainted the students with the primary concept of research.      


         The Seven days knowledge oriented yajna (National Workshop) titled “Research Methodology & Human Rights Education” was made more pious experts of subject of Research Methodology. On 3rd February, 2020 inauguration was done in the first session and thereafter in the second session, the students were made familiar with various dimensions of research methodology by Retd. Professor Dr. Uchat Sir of Department of Education. Thereafter, Prof. Dr. Chakrawal of Commerce Department threw light on important aspects of research methodology on 4th February, 2020 in the first session of the workshop. Thereafter  on the second day the HOD of Management Department Dr. Bhayani  and Senior Advocate and Social worker Shri Jani imparted valuable directions to the students. In the second session HOD of Law Department Dr. B.G. Maniar, HOD of Human Rights Law Department Dr. R.M. Dave as well as Principal of Law College Jamnagar Dr. Vimal Parmar enhance the knowledge of the students. On 5th February, 2020, Prof. of Computer Department Dr. Atul Goswami, Prof. of Nano Science Department Dr. Ashwini Joshi, and HOD of Education Department Dr. Bharat Ramanuj, gave directions on research methodology. On 6th February, 2020, Retd. Prof. of Department of Economics Dr. Chande and Retd. HOD Dr. Marvaniya and Prof. Dr. Chotaliya Department of Sanskrit delivered their lectures respectively. On 7th February, 2020, Retd. Prof. of Education Department Dr. Ambashna, Sandeep Ghetiya and Prof. of Department of Economics Dr. Sanjay Pandya enlightened the Students with Knowledge in the field of research. On 8th February, 2020, Principal of Law College Patan Dr. Nanavati explained in details about the review of Literature in research and Dr. Bharad guided the students on research methodology. In the second Session, HOD of Human Rights Law Department Dr. Raju Dave and Dr. Bhagirathsinh Manjaria made students more familiar with research methodology after knowing the seven days feedback of the students.


         In the seven days National level workshop on the title “Research Methodology & Human Rights Education”, 30 students registered themselves and remained present. These include Ph.D. research scholars, Semester - 02 & Semester - 04 students of the Department of Human rights, Research Scholars of M.Phil. from the Department of Economics.


         This was a wonderful planning by the Department of Human Rights Laws, keeping in mind the benefit of the students, the students of the Department expressed their feelings and gratitude by honouring HOD Dr. Raju Dave and Dr. Bhagirathsinh Manjaria with shawls.


         The Seven Days National workshop on the title “Research Methodology & Human Rights Education” was successful because of the kind support and contribution of HOD Dr. Raju Dave, Dr. Bhagirathsinh Manjaria, Jignesh Patel, Tarakbhai, Ashokbhai Suchak, Pitambarbhai, Ph.D Students Vijaysinh Sodha, Khyati Purohit, Sailesh Savaliya, Sandeep Chauhan, Balubhai Modhvadiya, Manjariben as well as students pursuing LL.M in Human Rights viz., Sagarbhai Amipara, Meghjibhai, Minalben, Prekshaben, etc. The Said workshop was successful because of the hard work of all the above-mentioned persons.                 

Published by: Department of Human Rights & IHL